Meals to take away / for delivery

-10% on all listed prices for a direct call!

We deliver all meals to your home address, every day except Sunday until 6 p.m. Everything is freshly prepared and warm. You can pick up the dish yourself from us or we can deliver it to you.

Delivery price for neighbors is free of charge, for other locations it is 300 RSD or 450 RSD depending on the distance.


Clear chicken soup, homemade noodles, roots vegetables

370 RSD

Traditional creamy veal soup, fresh cream, chives

390 RSD

Celeriac and hazelnut veloute

370 RSD



Serbian cheese pie-baked per order, ajvar from Leskovac, organic Busha and Mangulitza sausage

(time of preparation up to 20 min)

690 RSD

Crispy-warm lamb pie, seasonal salad, quince cheese

790 RSD

Gnochi a la Romana, pumpkin puree, ceps, smoked goat cheese

690 RSD

Viennoise of red peppers stuffed with white cheese and kaymak,eggplant caviar, dried tomato

750 RSD

Terrine of foie gras, fig jam, reduction of ginger and cocoa,

toasted bread with nuts

2150 RSD

Beef tartare, grilled white corn flour cake, butter

1750 RSD

Sogan dolma, schupfnudel, marinated carrot, pine nuts

780 RSD



Lamb from Sjenica, seasonal vegetables, potatoes fried in Mangulitza fat, Bezdan pepper scented lamb jus

1850 RSD

Veal from Pešter plateau, glazed carrots, creamy mashed potato, veal jus

1650 RSD

Juicy duck breast, grilled fennel, saffron scented apple, Porto sauce

1450 RSD

Roasted fillet of beef our style

2150 RSD

Organic meat of grass-fed Busha from Old Mountain.

Crispy cannelloni, cauliflower puree, red pepper marmalade,

red wine sauce, cauliflower salad

1450 RSD

Juicy-grilled neck of Mangulitza,

braised red cabbage, chestnuts, bacon of Mangulitza, mashed potatoes

1450 RSD

Our Epicurean pljeskavica, kaymak from Kraljevo, roasted red bell pepper, crispy potato

920 RSD

Mlinci, smoked ham hock, Kashkaval from Pirot, Mangulitza lardo, horseradish scented veloute

1300 RSD

Stew of chicken and wild mushrooms, pilaf rice

1150 RSD

Fried baby sterlet, Tetovac beans and oak wood roasted peppers ragout, watercress

1550 RSD

Grilled fillet of Danube zander, French style peas, fresh red radish

1750 RSD

Fillet of trout from Neretva, celeriac puree, chickpeas, celeriac Barigoul

1350 RSD

Wild mushrooms risotto, baby spinach

1150 RSD

Carbonara with Mangulitza bacon, 18 month aged Parmesan

950 RSD



Fresh cabbage salad

350 RSD

Serbian salad/ Shopska salad/ Mixed leaf salad seasoned with organic apple vinegar

390 RSD

Oak wood roasted peppers in apple vinegar and garlic marinade

370 RSD

Roasted beetroot seasoned with forest fruit vinegar, walnuts, cumin

350 RSD

“Francuska 7”

520 RSD

Homemade caviar of red peppers from Leskovac

540 RSD


Roasted potatoes/ Creamy mashed potatoes/ Tetovac bean and oak wood roasted peppers ragout/Blanched seasonal vegetables/ Sauteed spinach

450 RSD



Selection of finest cured meat from Serbia

1050 RSD

Selection of local cheese

750 RSD

Grilled smoked goat cheese, roasted hazelnut, acacia honey, Timut pepper

740 RSD

18 month old goat cheese from Bezdan served with quince jelly

1350 RSD



Caramelized homemade puff pastry,

light Bourbon vanilla scented cream

450 RSD


70% dark chocolate mousse, chocolate truffles,

caramelized walnuts, buckwheat, cocoa and walnut biscotti

450 RSD


Cold layer cake with coconut, mango and passion fruit

430 RSD


Light coconut mouse, cream and jelly of calamansi,

white chocolate and coconut crumble

450 RSD


Fluffy tonka scented hazelnut cream, black currant and milk

chocolate ganache, crispy praline

450 RSD

* The price of the meal includes bread.