December 25th, 2020

Amuse bouche,

served with the glass of prosecco

Clam and mussels chowder

Duck, chicken and foie gras terrine,

quince chutney, toasted country bread


beetroot, rocket and walnuts salad seasoned with citrus dressing

Smoked ham hock cooked in aromatic broth,

celeriac, potato and black truffle Dauphinoise, Savoy cabbage, light gravy

Chocolate Yule log, crème Chantilly

Coffee or tea

Price per person

3650 RSD

Dear guests, Times are hard but holidays are to be celebrated in style!

Fully aware of the pandemic restrictions, this Christmas, we have created a specially crafted Christmas menu

which You can enjoy both in our restaurant and at Your home.

In case You are interested to enjoy our dishes either at our venue or on Your holiday table on the 25th of December, please reserve Your table or preorder our delivery by December 23rd.

Delivery price for neighbors is free of charge, for other locations it is 300 RSD or 450 RSD depending on the distance.

We hope to hear from You and we wish You a Merry Christmas!

With kind regards,

Branko Kisić, chef