(every day 9:30h-12:30h)

Oat meal,

chia seeds, acacia honey, granny smith, sultana, roasted hazelnuts

350 RSD

Pearl barley cooked in soy milk,

flax seeds, maltex, coconut protein, seasonal fruits, roasted almond

370 RSD

Granola, raspberries, Greek yogurt

420 RSD

Creamy white corn flour porridge,

spring onion, tomates, Sjenica cheese, fried bacon

470 RSD

Eggs of Your choice- fried, boiled or scrambled

fresh chives, mild goat cheese, tomatoes, cucumber,

sausage of organic Busha and Mangulitza cheese

480 RSD

Omelette of Your choice

(ham, cheese, mushrooms, pepper, spinach, fresh herbs)

480 RSD

Supplement of grilled Mangulitza sausage

290 RSD


Grilled beef fillet served in flat bread,

tomato, red onion mayo, mixed leaf salad

950 RSD

Butter fried crepes, strawberry marmalade, crème Chantilly

420 RSD

Freshly cut seasonal fruit salad, fresh mint

390 RSD

Bloody Mary

650 RSD

French 76

880 RSD


880 RSD


We try to obtain the best product at the perfect time, if in any case one dish is not available, please excuse us. Certain ingredients may cause allergies. Please ask Your waiter for more information.